Magnicool mattress with cooling technology

There is a new way to beat the heat during the night! Magniflex India has introduced Magnicool, a ground-breaking mattress engineered to deliver an instant cooling effect and ensure high-quality sleep.

The mattress uses specialized Japanese fabric that facilitates optimal air circulation, maintaining a consistent microclimate between your body and the mattress – an essential factor in managing body temperature during sleep.

Dr. Shankar S. Biradar, of Trust-in Hospital in Bangalore, acknowledges the critical role that body temperature plays in sleep quality. He praises Magnicool for its thermostat-like fabric that helps regulate body temperature and provide an immediate sensation of coolness.

In addition to the cooling feature, Magnicool boasts a quilted memoform material with a massaging system, coupled with super soft and hypoallergenic fiber padding. This amalgamation ensures greater comfort and contouring to the body.

Furthermore, Magniflex India is offering an attractive Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP), allowing customers to avail of EMI options for purchasing Magnicool.

Customer testimonies such as Franklin C’s, who recounted how Magnicool dramatically improved his sleep by controlling his body temperature, underscore the efficacy of this innovative mattress.

Choose Magnicool for a reinvigorating and refreshing sleep experience, especially during the sweltering summer nights.