BHT leadership team expansion

Bone Health Technologies (BHT) has appointed Dr. Pamela Peeke as its new Chief Medical Officer and board member, and expanded its board of directors with the addition of Dr. Kian Beyzavi and Marcie Hamilton. These new appointments demonstrate BHT’s commitment to advancing the treatment of osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Dr. Peeke, an expert in women’s health, menopause, and longevity, will bring her experience as a clinical scientist and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland to the company. Dr. Peeke’s expertise aligns with BHT’s vision of providing a safe, non-pharmacological, clinically-proven solution for individuals with low bone density.

Marcie Hamilton, who joins BHT’s board of directors, brings her expertise in medical devices and consumer products. After earning her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, Hamilton made significant contributions to VivaRay Inc., leading to its acquisition by Varian Medical Systems. She later co-founded Potrero Medical, which developed a predictive technology platform for early detection of critical illnesses.

Dr. Kian Beyzavi, also joining the board, holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering/Applied Physics from Princeton University. Dr. Beyzavi has been instrumental in the development of numerous MedTech, Digital Health, and Biopharma products across 60 companies, focusing on dynamic data, AI, and machine learning to advance patient care and provide a system-level view of the healthcare landscape.

These new appointments will enhance BHT’s product development, research, and commercial growth, positioning the company as a leader in treating osteoporosis and osteopenia.