Anthony Weston, CEO of SUANNUTRA, leading the way in nutraceutical innovation.

As SUANFARMA’s subsidiary, SUANNUTRA, charts a path toward global expansion in the nutraceutical market, the appointment of Anthony Weston as its CEO signals a renewed commitment to innovation and customer-centric growth.

With a diverse portfolio of core brands such as Gonmisol, Monteloeder, and Suanfarma USA, SUANNUTRA seeks to exploit market opportunities through high-quality branded and innovative ingredients. Alongside these, the company aims to build a stronger presence in the functional and essential ingredients market, reinforcing its dedication to quality and innovation.

Having established itself in Europe, the USA, and Asia, SUANNUTRA’s global reach is undeniable. It already boasts a customer base of 1,400 active customers across 50 countries and has earned awards for its innovative products.

Anthony Weston brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role. His track record in global business management and leadership, coupled with his focus on delivering sustainable growth through product innovation, makes him an ideal fit for SUANNUTRA.