Official logo of the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2023.

As the athletes gear up for the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2023, there’s one aspect that plays a critical role in their performance – nutrition. Herbalife, an international health and wellness company, understands this and has extended its partnership with Special Olympics Bharat to ensure the athletes are at their physical best.

Nutrition is often the unsung hero in an athlete’s journey. It is what fuels the body for the intense training and competition. For athletes with intellectual disabilities, proper nutrition is even more critical. It not only aids in physical performance but also has a significant impact on cognitive functions.

Mr. Ajay Khanna, Senior Vice-President and Managing Director at Herbalife, spoke passionately about the company’s commitment. Herbalife is not just providing financial support but is actively involved in ensuring that the athletes have the nutrition they need.

By partnering with Special Olympics Bharat, Herbalife is making a statement – that proper nutrition and support can empower these exceptional athletes to break barriers and achieve greatness.

As the world watches the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2023, it will not just be the triumphs but also the journey that will inspire. And nutrition will have played a pivotal role in that journey.