Avenda Health’s Unfold AI Logo with 3D cancer visualization background

Avenda Health is redefining the patient experience in prostate cancer care with Unfold AI. This machine learning model has demonstrated impressive capabilities in a recent study led by Stanford University School of Medicine’s Department of Urology.

Conventional treatment options often employ a one-size-fits-all approach due to limitations in MRI technology. Unfold AI changes the equation by providing 3D visualizations that accurately identify the extent of prostate cancer.

This breakthrough technology empowers physicians to support patients throughout their journey, from pre-treatment screening to post-treatment monitoring. With this information at hand, doctors can make informed decisions on the best course of action, be it surgery, focal therapy, or active surveillance.

Unfold AI, which received FDA clearance in late 2022, has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for prostate cancer patients, who have previously had to contend with the adverse effects of traditional treatment methods.

Brittany Berry-Pusey, Ph.D., co-founder and COO of Avenda Health, emphasized that Unfold AI will be instrumental in providing an alternative to standard care, giving patients and urologists the confidence in executing effective treatment plans.

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