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The post-COVID era has ushered in a set of challenges for the healthcare industry, one of which is the increasingly prevalent condition, Avascular Necrosis (AVN), or bone death. Wockhardt Hospitals in Mumbai Central is at the forefront of diagnosing and treating this grave consequence of COVID-19.

Among the cases treated at Wockhardt, Mr. Dhananjay Vasant Wagaskar, 38, and Ms. Ragini Yadav, 26, both suffered from severe pain in the groin and hip joint areas. Despite different COVID-19 histories, they were diagnosed with AVN of the hip joint through MRI imaging.

Dr. Mudit Khanna, Senior Consultant, Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, highlighted the role of early diagnosis through MRI scans in AVN. MRI scans are pivotal in early detection as X-Rays are often inconclusive at the initial stages. He emphasized that early diagnosis can provide options for hip joint preservation, bypassing the need for more invasive procedures.

When patients are diagnosed at a later stage, Total Hip Replacement Surgery becomes a saving grace. This procedure replaces the damaged hip joint with an artificial one and has shown phenomenal success, particularly with younger patients. Patients have experienced rapid recovery, and within weeks, they were able to move around and resume their normal activities.