LIPOFER vegan iron gummy supplement

Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health) introduces their innovative LIPOFER™ vegan gummies, a plant-based, iron-fortified supplement that revolutionizes iron supplementation. Developed as part of the Nutra 2.0 mission, the gummies focus on meeting the demands of consumers seeking a more convenient and enjoyable iron supplement experience.

The LIPOFER™ gummies employ state-of-the-art microencapsulation technology, protecting the micronized iron pyrophosphate and ensuring enhanced absorption, higher bioavailability, and reduced side effects. Each gummy provides a 10mg dose of elemental iron, a higher amount than many other iron supplements on the market. The gummies are specially formulated to address the common issues associated with traditional iron supplements, such as metallic taste and gastrointestinal side effects.

The vegan LIPOFER™ gummies will make their debut at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva, stand #D60. Their fruit-flavored, pectin-based formulation appeals to a diverse consumer base in search of a convenient and tasty iron supplement. By developing innovative iron-fortified supplements like LIPOFER™ gummies, LLS Health is responding to the growing demand for non-traditional dosage forms and assisting manufacturers in creating products that align with evolving consumer preferences.