With an aim to create awareness and encourage people to donate organs, Aster CMI Hospital organized an organ donation drive today at the hospital. The drive witnessed doctors, nurses and staff from the hospital along with people visiting the hospital pledging their organs. Also, doctors narrate inspiring stories of those unsung heroes who have donated organs and saved lives. During the awareness drive, the transplant Team at the hospital spoke on the importance of organ donation, followed by a live interactive session. The drive saw more than 100 people coming forward to pledge their organs.

In India, there is a wide gap between the number of organs required and the organs available. Because there aren’t many organ donors worldwide, most patients still experience organ shortages and suffer as a result, approximately half a million people die annually due to the unavailability of organs. Organ donation is one of the precious gifts one can consider giving. One organ can save eight people. It offers a wonderful chance for everyone to make a decision to donate their priceless organs. As a part of the drive, the hospital has set up a kiosk machine where one can scan the QR Code displayed within the hospital premises or one can also fill in the pledge form at the registration desk to pledge their organs and help save lives.

The drive concluded by observing a moment of silence for those who died in the tragedy and their organs were donated to save others’ lives. To pay tribute and honour their ultimate sacrifice, top doctors and surgeons at the hospital lit up candles in their names.