People participating in the Blood Donation Drive at Vegas Mall

The community surrounding Vegas Mall in Delhi’s Sector-14, Dwarka, recently rose to the call of making a life-saving difference. The mall, in collaboration with Rotary Blood Bank, organized a Blood Donation Drive, highlighting the importance of blood donation and the profound impact it can have on saving lives.

Vegas Mall, popular for its shopping and entertainment facilities, was the ideal venue for the drive. Its vibrant atmosphere coupled with its accessibility made it convenient for donors to participate.

The Rotary Blood Bank contributed significantly to the event with its blood donation bus and a team of professionals who ensured a smooth donation process.

Mr. Ravindar Choudhary, VP of Vegas Mall, expressed his enthusiasm and gratitude towards the participants and the Rotary Blood Bank. He emphasized the potential of such drives to bring about positive change and encouraged more people to become heroes by donating blood.

Under the inspiring motto “Be a Hero, Donate Blood,” the drive not only collected vital blood donations but also fostered a sense of community and altruism.