Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Tokai Corp have partnered to launch Valabhi Hospital Services in India, a game-changing solution for hospital linen management. With a vision to offer better hygiene in healthcare institutions, Valabhi Hospital Services will provide comprehensive end-to-end linen management services to hospitals in India. The new venture plans to operate in Bangalore, with a view to expand its operations in other interstate cities and neighbouring states in the near future.

Valabhi Hospital Services aims to revolutionize the way hospitals manage their linen services, reducing hospitals’ capital expenditures and improving infection control quality and operational efficiency. The service will offer a unique End-to-End Linen Management Model, including a Linen Rental Model that frees hospitals from capex expenditure, RFID Tag System for ease of ground-level staff, and an end-to-end service that avoids any dysconnectivity between person-to-person. With this new solution, Valabhi Hospital Services aims to ensure that patients have access to hygienically clean linen and uniforms at all times, safeguarding patients and staff from the risk of infections.

Hospitals rely on their linen services staff to provide hygienically clean linen and uniforms, and Valabhi Hospital Services recognizes the critical difference between visibly clean and hygienically clean linen in hospitals. The venture has brought in the technology and philosophy that Tokai Corp. has developed over the last 69 years in Japan to shoulder the responsibility towards supporting medical facilities and developing public health in India. With a commitment to supporting hospitals in their essential work and becoming more patient-centric, Valabhi Hospital Services is poised to become the Right ONE for all partners, stakeholders, and society in India.