Young scientist at work in a laboratory

This year, the Merck Young Scientist Award, the prestigious initiative by the global science and technology titan, Merck, takes an encouraging leap forward. By adding a category of Sustainability Research to its list of acknowledged disciplines, Merck amplifies the urgency to address environmental issues through scientific innovation.

As our world faces escalating environmental challenges, the need for innovations in green chemistry, renewable/alternate energy, sustainable materials, and manufacturing grows. Recognizing this, Merck has expanded its award categories to celebrate scientific work that aims to provide eco-friendly solutions.

Moreover, the award echoes Merck’s dedication to nurturing young talent in the scientific world. By providing a platform for researchers with less than 10 years of post-Ph.D. research experience, Merck aims to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery. Eligible researchers from across India are encouraged to apply before the deadline of August 16, 2023.

Past years have seen significant participation, with thousands of applications pouring in from nearly 1000 institutes across the nation. This year, with the inclusion of sustainability research, anticipation for a surge in the number of quality applications is high. For more information on the application process, please visit here.