Representational image of the pioneering medical team at Narayana Health.

Setting a new global standard, Narayana Health recently performed a procedure for the fastest deployment of a flow diverter stent to treat a brain aneurysm. This intervention, which is crucial for saving lives, was performed in a staggering two and a half minutes.

The procedure was undertaken to save a 47-year-old patient with multiple intracranial aneurysms, one of which had ruptured, resulting in dangerous internal bleeding within the brain. Dr. Vikram Huded, a Senior Neuro-interventionist from NH Institute of Neuroscience, led a team of doctors who tackled this life-threatening situation head-on.

The operation involved an advanced flow diverter stenting technique, which is designed to reduce the blood flow into an aneurysm. This specific technique encourages blood to stay within the artery and prevents it from entering the aneurysm, causing it to gradually decrease in size.

The device used for this procedure was acknowledged by its manufacturer as the fastest recorded deployment globally, marking a historical achievement in medical science. Dr. Vikram Huded said, “We deployed an advanced type of flow-diverter device, and it is also the first time this device is used in India.”

This achievement by Narayana Health emphasizes the importance of innovation and swift action in the healthcare sector, particularly when it comes to critical conditions like brain aneurysms, which often go undetected until they rupture.