Therap Services Secure Document Signing Module

Therap Services, the national leader in providing HIPAA-compliant electronic documentation solutions to organizations and caregivers in the Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS), Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) and broader human services setting, is excited to announce the launch of its new Secure Document Signing Module (SDS). This cutting-edge module is designed to revolutionize the way agencies handle document signing, streamlining the process with enhanced security and efficiency.

The SDS module enables users to upload PDF documents, assign Therap users with appropriate roles to add their signatures and initials, and then publish the document for signing. The published PDF appears on the intended signers’ To Do tabs, making it easy for them to add their signatures and/or initials. Additionally, users can download the signed PDF, and re-upload it to Therap to verify its authenticity, ensuring that it hasn’t been altered since being downloaded.

SDS caters to three types of documents: Agency, Individual, and Case Notes. Therap users with specific Agency Wide and Administrative Roles can create new SDS Documents for their agencies, while Providers with certain caseload-based roles in their Super Roles can generate SDS Documents for individuals in their caseloads. The module integrates seamlessly with the submitted Case Note forms, providing a ‘Secure Document Signing’ section for users with assigned caseload-based roles.

To effectively use ‘Secure Document Signing,’ agencies or users upload the necessary PDF file to the Therap System. The intuitive interface allows for easy marking of signature or initial locations on the document, and publishing of the document, making it available for signing. Once published, signers can place their signatures wherever marked. Additionally, users have the capability to search, sign, update, and discontinue SDS documents, making document management more efficient than ever.

With the introduction of the Secure Document Signing module, Therap Services reaffirms its dedication to enhancing digital solutions in healthcare. This module not only streamlines the document signing process but also fortifies it with unparalleled security and ease of use.

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