Diverse group of healthcare professionals discussing strategies in a modern office setting.

The Kinetix Group (TKG) announced the release of its new white paper on optimizing hospital engagement.

According to CMS, the hospital market was estimated at $1.4 trillion in 2022, almost a third of our national healthcare expenditures. However, today’s rapidly changing healthcare markets create several challenges for hospitals including financial, leadership, staffing and quality performance.

“To deliver quality, patient-centric care, hospitals must be high-performing stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. However, they often face unique challenges on many levels. These challenges create an opportunity for meaningful collaboration with life science companies. A successful partnership requires knowledge of hospital pain points and ability to execute in a changing healthcare landscape. That is where TKG can offer strategic insight and experience for life science leaders,” said JP Strapp, managing director and co-author.

“I have seen firsthand the pressures facing provider organizations—particularly staffing and keeping up with performance metrics,” said Roxanne McCaffrey, vice president and co-author. “It is important that life science teams understand these dynamics when creating materials to engage stakeholders in these sites. Otherwise, they will struggle to open doors, much less get a seat at the table.”

In line with its philosophy to know the customers better than they know themselves, TKG built a three-step, customer-centric approach for life science companies. 

“We are thrilled to showcase TKG’s longstanding expertise in the hospital space. Developing a robust hospital access strategy is a critical component of pharma success, and engaging this stakeholder group is more important than ever before,” said Anna Sedgwick, vice president and co-author.