Spring Health, the most comprehensive global mental health solution for employers and health plans, today announced the launch of a new dedicated teen experience. Spring Health for teens is the latest innovation in the Family Care suite of services, which offers mental health care and support for all ages.

Studies show that teens throughout the country are suffering from a mental health crisis: one in three teenagers will experience an anxiety disorder and 75% of all mental health conditions are currently found to start before the age of 24.

This crisis is also impacting teens’ parents and guardians, with more than 50% of working parents reporting that they miss work to deal with their child’s mental health issues. The situation is dire for families seeking mental health care for teens, who experience difficulties finding therapists and long wait times.

With this latest update, Spring Health helps teens and their families overcome barriers to care by creating a safe, approachable experience that meets teens where they are. Right from their smartphone, teens can receive personalized recommendations for self-guided exercises that help them to develop new skills like emotional regulation and meditation, and to manage stressors like body image and relationship issues. 

Tailored communications and microlearning content help answer common questions about mental healthcare, including privacy and guidance on talking to parents and caregivers, helping teens build confidence as they explore mental well-being.

“We know that too many teens are suffering from mental health challenges, and the obstacles of securing the right care are weighing on many families,” says Mill Brown, Chief Medical Officer of Spring Health. “With the new teen experience within Spring Health, we have created the solution that teens themselves are looking for: easy access to a safe space tailored to their needs that puts privacy and trust at the center of their experience.”

Teens ages 13-17 are empowered to browse and schedule in-person or virtual appointments with providers who specialize in adolescent care. With Spring Health, the average wait time for a therapy appointment is just two days or less, compared to the national average of 7.5 weeks. Spring Health’s dynamic self-assessment helps teens better understand their own experience and generates personalized recommendations for care. Clinical Family Care Navigators are available to provide clinical guidance, lend emotional support, and make recommendations and referrals. These specialists also proactively reach out to teens who screen at-risk for self harm or suicidal ideation, and teens have access to 24/7/365 crisis support.

With this new update, teenagers and their parents can confidently access care that makes a difference. Spring Health is committed to breaking down every barrier to mental health, and supporting teens with trusted and privacy-focused care is an important step in that mission. Spring Health for teens is built to improve lives, support families, and combat the mental health crisis hurting so many adolescents.