Signia's campaign banner featuring a diverse group listening attentively, symbolizing hearing health inclusion and awareness.

This month, Signia ignites a nationwide conversation with a landmark campaign designed to confront the stigma around hearing loss and elevate the importance of ear and hearing care. Aligned with the World Hearing Day theme, “Changing mindsets: Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all,” Signia’s initiative aims to bring the issue of untreated hearing loss, a prevalent yet overlooked condition in India, out of the shadows and into public discourse.

“Too often, individuals neglect their hearing health due to societal misconceptions and stigma surrounding hearing aids,” said Avinash Pawar, CEO and MD of WS Audiology India. The #HearTheChange campaign is a strategic amalgamation of educational content, social media outreach, and grassroots engagement designed to emphasize the importance of early detection and management of hearing loss.

With an innovative approach, Signia is rallying support from a broad coalition of stakeholders to spread awareness and encourage a more accepting attitude towards hearing care. The initiative is not just about spreading information; it’s about inspiring a cultural shift that normalizes seeking treatment and using hearing aids, making hearing care accessible and stigma-free for everyone.