Revive Drip Clinic in Gig Harbor

Revive Drip, a leading mobile intravenous therapy (IV) company providing customized hydration and immune-boosting therapy throughout the Puget Sound, announced today the opening of the company’s brick-and-mortar clinic in Gig Harbor, Washington. The company’s expansion marks an exciting milestone for Revive Drip, delivering expert relief through progressive IV hydration for customers seeking alternative medical solutions.

Since 2021, Revive Drip has been providing convenient and effective solutions tailored to their client’s specific wellness needs within the comfort of their client’s homes. The team is comprised of local, highly skilled registered nurses qualified to treat the symptoms of various health concerns, from chronic illnesses to dehydration, utilizing state-of-the-art technology. The clinic’s opening aligns with the mission of founders Heather Pounds, ARNP, Olivia Mariettakes-Reed, RN, and Laura Ude, RN, to restore the feeling of care in healthcare.

“Our goal is to fill the gaps in the healthcare system by building meaningful relationships while getting you back on your feet quickly. We offer clients an alternative option for specific ailments, such as battling a migraine, dealing with cold and flu symptoms, feeling jet lag, or managing an autoimmune condition. We provide expert nursing assessment skills combined with hydration and immune support for temporary relief,” explained Laura Ude, RN and Chief Operating Officer of Revive Drip.

Revive Drip was created to help concertgoers manage symptoms of too much fun in the sun in eastern Washington. As the pandemic continued to roar in the fall of 2021, Ude and the team recognized the community’s need for customized support for those suffering from COVID-19 symptoms. Leveraging ARNP Heather Pound’s emergency room nurse and pre-hospital experience, Ude and Pounds developed a care model to support patients with basic interventions at home, effectively reducing unnecessary hospital visits for some. Their innovative approach allowed Revive Drip to help their clients beyond hydrating concert spectators and private gatherings to include in-home infusions. In October 2023, Revive Drip achieved another milestone by expanding its personalized IV infusions into a state-of-the-art clinic and diversifying its services to include GLP-1 injections for weight loss support and educational classes for the local clinical community. To date, the Revive Drip team has administered more than 3,500 infusions throughout Washington state.

“What sets us apart is our exceptional staff. We are a collection of highly skilled nurses from various backgrounds—airlift, trauma, intensive care, and emergency room. Our shared passion drives us to provide expert-level compassionate care while adhering to rigorous guidelines and regulations. Additionally, we specialize in challenging IV placements, and our multiple vascular access-trained registered nurses skillfully use ultrasound machines to ensure our client’s comfort and well-being,” said Olivia Mariettakes-Reed, RN, Director of Nursing for Revive Drip.

Whether at the clinic or in your home, each visit begins with an assessment from Revive Drip’s staffed Nurse Practitioner, who will discuss treatment goals and tailor a customized care plan for each patient. IV hydration involves placing a small needle into a vein, which allows for faster system support and electrolyte replacement compared to oral intake, as the nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The Revive Drip team specializes in administering challenging IVs and utilizes ultrasound technology to ensure precise positioning while maintaining hospital-level standards of care. A team member remains by your side throughout the approximately 45-minute infusion process to ensure safety and comfort.

Olivia Mariettakes-Reed emphasized, “It has been incredibly rewarding visiting a client’s home and administering fast-acting treatment whenever and wherever they need it. Our services particularly benefit clients with autoimmune diseases, chronic headaches, and those seeking alternative solutions to the traditional medical system. We are here to help and offer relief.”

The Revive Drip clinic is located at 5800 Soundview Drive, Building B, Suite 201-202, Gig Harbor, Washington 98335. To learn more about events and promotions, follow Revive Drip on Facebook and @revivedripmobile on Instagram. To schedule an appointment or a free weight loss consultation, call (253) 858-3800 or visit