Covid-19 Cases have been rising in China for the past few days. Although Maharashtra hasn’t reported any new Covid cases as of now, many doctors across Pune city is seeing a rise in patients with chief complaints of Dry Cough, Cold, Viral Fever & Vomiting. This has been the case for the past two weeks where the majority of patients are children and senior citizens. While doctors expressed concern over this spike, what’s more, worrisome is the approach of people in getting treatment for their symptoms and taking them leniently because of having taken booster doses of the Covid Vaccine.

Along with these, there are also emerging cases of Viral Infection diseases due to the changing climate. Most Children, Senior citizens and pregnant women suffer from these frequent weather changes. Almost 10 to 12 patients are recorded with complaints of dry cough and fever for OPD consultations on a daily basis.

Dr Samrat Shah, Internal Medicine Expert, Apollo Spectra Pune said that ‘‘as the season changes, there is a sudden burst of infections, especially viral infections. However, compared to the previous years, more patients are coming with colds, coughs, indigestion and fever this year. In China, considering the increasing number of Covid patients, it is not right to ignore the problem of colds and coughs. There is absolutely no way that you will not get infected with the coronavirus again just because you have taken the COVID vaccine booster doses. So, if the cold, fever and cough persist for more days, do not ignore them and consult a doctor immediately. Infectious diseases can increase if citizens are not careful during winter.’’

Dr. Shah added, ‘‘Mostly patients with low immunity such as senior citizens, young children and pregnant women can be seen with complaints of cough & fever. Even diabetic patients, kidney and cancer patients and patients on immunosuppressive drugs are more prone to infections. So citizens need to take more care of their health. A healthy diet and continuous hydration can help in maintaining good immunity. If the fever is persistent for more than 5 days, the cough is increasing, or you feel shortness of breath, then consult your doctor immediately. If the disease is diagnosed and treated on time, the patient can be cured. Even though such infections are common during the change of season, it should not be taken lightly.”

Dr. Jagdish Kathwate, Consultant Neonatologist & Paediatrician, Motherhood Hospital Kharadi Pune said, ‘‘Winter time diseases are more common because infectious respiratory droplets travel more easily in dry air when a sick person coughs or sneezes. We have been observing daily 6 to 8 cases. Additionally, individuals commonly congregate indoors during cold weather (particularly around the holidays), which makes it easier for diseases to spread from one person to another.

‘‘The symptoms of a winter illness don’t appear right away after you get them. During this time, also known as the incubation phase, you have the infection but are not ill. Furthermore, even if you are feeling OK, you are probably unknowingly infecting others. Have observed two to three days after falling ill, you are often at your most contagious, but you can continue infect people for up to two weeks while you are recovering.’’ Concluded Dr Kathwate.