Paras Healthcare, one of the leading healthcare services providers in India, has appointed Dr. Santy Sajan as their new Group Chief Operating Officer (GCOO). Dr Santy Sajan (PhD, MBA, MS-IT-C, MSc, BSc) has joined the Senior Executive Team and takes responsibility for establishing and delivering long-term strategic growth plans for the organization. 

Paras Healthcare is expanding its operations across different parts of the country post-pandemic, especially in areas where there is a need for healthcare facilities and an unmatched demand to be fulfilled; the hiring of Dr. Santy is part of this expansion strategy. The organization opened its sixth hospital in Ranchi this year, and plans to open two more hospitals in Srinagar and Kanpur, respectively, in the next six months.

Dr. Santy’s journey from being a bedside Nurse to the Group COO of one of the leading Healthcare organizations is an inspiration to many. In the year 2006, she became the Chief of Nursing at Columbia Asia Hospital but her thirst to excel always has remained strong, and that thirst led her to become the Unit Head of the same Hospital in 2013. She was the COO at Aster DM Healthcare in 2017 and got elevated to CEO in 2018. Before joining Paras Healthcare, Dr Santy was the COO of Apollo Hospitals, Chennai and the cluster-1 Hospitals. 

On this occasion Dr. Dharminder Nagar, Managing Director, Paras Healthcare said, “I am delighted to welcome Dr. Santy Sajan as the new Group COO to Paras Healthcare. Dr Santy’s challenging journey to the top allows others to develop themselves remarkably while inspiring the rest. In light of this, there is no way anyone could deny the necessity of having more women in leadership roles. She has deep industry knowledge and experience and brings an impressive track record of strategic planning and execution that has resulted in sustained operational excellence. She will play a major role at Paras Healthcare as we continue to expand and establish tertiary healthcare facilities in different parts of India. As the Group COO, she will also enhance the patient experience through meaningful physician interactions, improving the standard operating and quality processes of Paras; she will also work towards heralding the group’s digital transformation, including initiatives in the areas of cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning”. 

“I am honored and humbled to have been selected as the Group Chief Operating Officer of Paras Healthcare and further build on Dr. Dharmindar Nagar’s innovative thinking that propelled Paras Healthcare to be at the forefront and the most preferred healthcare partner in North and North-East India. I look forward to using my experience and expertise to help the Group build on its success, execute its growth plan and drive operational improvements. It is my resolve to remain fully committed to fulfilling the healthcare needs of the communities that Paras Healthcare serves, now and well into the future – bringing an unparalleled experience to the patients as the most trusted partner for healthcare. Along with our extraordinary colleagues, we are committed to creating an exceptional and inspiring place where people choose to come for their healthcare needs; where physicians choose to practice; and where team members choose to work.” said Dr. Santy Sajan, Group COO, Paras Healthcare.