Optimize Health FLAACOs Partnership

Optimize Health, one of the nation’s most trusted remote care platforms, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with the Florida Association of Accountable Care Organizations (FLAACOs). This collaborative effort marks a significant advancement in value-based care via remote patient monitoring and showcases how remote chronic disease management enhances patient engagement, improves outcomes, and can reduce the overall cost of care.

As healthcare delivery networks continue to evolve and innovate to improve patient care, Optimize Health and FLAACOs have joined forces to empower accountable care organizations (ACOs) to more effectively manage patients’ chronic conditions while simultaneously reducing costs. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) involves the use of technology to collect and monitor patient health data, providing a real-time, comprehensive view of a patient’s health. This approach enables healthcare providers to deliver proactive and personalized care, improving a patient’s health and reducing hospital readmissions.

“Optimize Health is excited to partner with FLAACOs. The combination of our innovative remote patient monitoring technology and the thought leadership within theFLAACOs network represents an unprecedented advance in remote healthcare delivery,” said Todd Haedrich, CEO of Optimize Health. “ACOs are the standard bearer in the shift towards value-based care. Through our partnership, Optimize Health brings the latest in remote care technology and services to a leading group of healthcare organizations committed to delivering coordinated, high-quality care.”

The CEO of the Florida Association of Accountable Care Organizations, Nicole Bradberry, expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership: “We are excited to join forces with Optimize Health in our journey to transform healthcare in Florida. Our ACOs now have access to this innovative technology to make better-informed decisions for long-term chronic condition monitoring and proactive care.”

The partnership between Optimize Health and FLAACOs represents a significant step towards achieving the shared goal of enhancing patient outcomes and driving the future of healthcare. To kick off this partnership, Optimize Health will be represented at Booth 111 at the FLAACOs 2023 Annual Conference at Signia by Hilton in Orlando between October 25th to 27th. For more information on this partnership and how Optimize Health is revolutionizing healthcare, please contact:

For more information, visit optimize.health