Traveling on Indian highways can be a daunting experience, especially when it comes to finding clean and safe washrooms. To address this issue, a new initiative has been launched to provide travelers with clean and hygienic washrooms, changing rooms, and fresh, affordable food.

According to a recent survey, 79% of travelers face difficulties finding clean washrooms along highways, particularly women and children. The provision of clean and safe washrooms is essential for travelers, and it is hoped that this initiative will set a new standard for hygiene and cleanliness in Indian highway restaurants.

The initiative is aimed at improving hygiene standards for travelers, promoting local businesses, and contributing to the country’s mission of promoting good hygiene. With clean and safe washrooms available, highway travelers can rest assured that they will have access to a safe and hygienic environment to freshen up during their journey.

The initiative recognizes the challenges that travelers face and seeks to make highways a better place for everyone. It is hoped that other businesses will follow suit and make a similar effort towards promoting good hygiene and improving the travel experience for everyone.The provision of clean and safe washrooms is essential for travelers, particularly women and children, and this initiative will undoubtedly make road travel a better experience for everyone. With a renewed focus on hygiene and cleanliness, highway travelers can now enjoy a safe and comfortable journey across India’s highways.