"Illustration of AlmegaPL Clinical Trial"

Qualitas Health, LLC (dba iwi life) The results of a new clinical trial show evidence that the microalgae-derived AlmegaPL®, the foundational ingredient produced by iwi life™, delivers clinically relevant results decreasing triglycerides by 14% and remnant cholesterol such as very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) and intermediate-density lipoprotein (IDL) by up to 25%.1,2  “This marks the second clinical trial endorsing the use of AlmegaPL® algal lecithin to support cardiovascular health in a generally healthy population,” says Dr. Eneko Ganuza, a principal investigator who led the research.

The new clinical trial led by Dr. Ganuza and sponsored by Qualitas Health was initiated to uncover just how effective an over-the-counter supplement can be in supporting cardiovascular health in the real-world population. The findings support existing beliefs that EPA-only omega-3s like AlmegaPL® could provide greater cardiovascular benefits when compared to traditional sources of omega-3s like fish and krill oil that contain both EPA and DHA.

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular disease (CVD) continues to be the leading cause of death globally, with dietary factors, including inadequate intake of long-chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids —specifically EPA and DHA—estimated to contribute to approximately half of all CVD- related deaths annually.3,4 With 95% of the U.S. population failing to consume an adequate amount of omega-3s, interest around DHA and EPA treatment has grown, launching a growing debate around their subsequent roles in cardiovascular support.5

In the cohort study, AlmegaPL® delivered in the form of the iwi life “Heart” supplement was clinically shown to decrease triglycerides by 14%, which is 4 times the response expected from other omega-3 sources.1 “While triglyceride levels within the normal range are typically beyond the scope of clinical intervention, they still retain a residual heart health risk,” states Dr. Ganuza. “The study’s significance is underscored by its execution within a real-world population, predominantly normolipidemic supplement consumers. This highlights the use of naturally sourced AlmegaPL® algal oil as an over-the-counter supplement to help support cardiovascular health in the general healthy population.”

AlmegaPL® uses a proprietary strain of omega-3 fatty acid extracted from the photoautotrophic microalgae Nannochloropsis, which is now clinically confirmed by two independent studies to decrease remnant cholesterol by up to 25 %.1,2 Neither study resulted in an increase in LDL cholesterol, which is a unique benefit of EPA-only formulations, as studies using fish oil, which naturally contain both EPA and DHA, were shown to increase LDL cholesterol.6  This research demonstrates the powerful ability of EPA-only AlmegaPL® to outperform other omega-3 sources to support cardiovascular health.*

The CEO of iwi life, Tom Dimke, responded to the results stating that “integrating AlmegaPL® in iwi life products—an ingredient with such impressive clinical data supporting it—allows us to bring innovative and effective consumer-ready products to the market with confidence.”

The triple patented microalgae technology of AlmegaPL® is the first and only commercially available photosynthetic source of long-chain omega fatty acids available for human consumption in the USA. The utilization of AlmegaPL® in supplements is not only clinically verified to have superior bioavailability but contains key phytonutrients and other natural antioxidants that protect the omega-3 against oxidation.7 According to Dr. Ganuza, “EPA is increasingly recognized as the primary long-chain omega fatty acids for supporting cardiovascular health, however, other natural marine sources of omega-3 fatty acids contain some level of DHA, except for AlmegaPL®,” allowing AlmegaPL®  to stand out as the sole natural source of EPA-only omega-3 available over the counter to support cardiovascular health.

Although AlmegaPL® is not promoted to support healthy weight management, additional findings in the first clinical trial revealed that while there were no differences between groups for any anthropometry measure at the baseline, supplementation with AlmegaPL® for 12 weeks resulted in a decrease in hip circumference and body weight (adjusted for age and baseline BMI) compared to the placebo group, where hip circumference increased from the baseline at week 12.1

In discussing the outcomes, Dr. Ganuza says “The remarkable triglyceride-lowering response observed in this clinical trial cannot be solely attributed to the omega-3 content alone. There is something about the unique polar form in which this algal lecithin yields the omega-3s that prove highly beneficial to our heart health.” AlmegaPL® utilizes sunlight to create a unique molecular form of omega-3 from the non-GMO microalgae Nannochloropsis with naturally occurring polar lipids that are readily dispersed into tiny droplets for easy absorption and utilization in our bodies and this improved efficacy allows for a smaller serving size to support healthy omega-3 levels.7

iwi life is an award-winning leader in nutrition innovation, providing consumers with a range of bioavailable, vegan omega-3 supplements derived from sustainably USA-grown algae. For more information about their brand and products, visit iwilife.com. For media-related inquiries, please contact tgriffin@iwilife.com.

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