Mykare Health, the Kochi-based startup on a mission to democratize healthcare in India, has won the Best IT Startup of the Year category at the KMA Excellence 2023 Awards. The award ceremony, held on March 17, 2023, in Kochi, India, recognized and honored the startup’s exceptional growth, innovation, and sustainability in the healthcare industry. Mykare Health’s innovative surgical network platform partners with small and medium hospitals, clinics, and leading doctors to offer affordable and high-quality surgical solutions to patients across India and abroad.

“We are honored to receive this award from KMA Excellence, and it motivates us to continue our mission of revolutionizing the healthcare industry in India. Our surgical platform aims to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable to all, and this award reinforces our dedication to achieving this goal,” said Senu Sam, co-founder of Mykare Health.

Mykare Health has partnered with several small and medium hospitals, clinics, and leading doctors since its inception to offer premium quality surgeries at a reduced cost to patients. The platform has helped thousands of patients access quality healthcare services, personalized care, and a hassle-free treatment journey. The KMA Excellence 2023 Award is a testament to the startup’s innovative and groundbreaking work in the healthcare industry.

The award adds to the accolades that Mykare Health has received in recognition of its innovative and affordable surgical platform, cementing the startup’s position as a leading provider of accessible and affordable healthcare solutions in the Indian healthcare ecosystem.