MGM Healthcare, a prestigious quaternary care hospital in Chennai, has accomplished a feat that has stunned the medical community. A one-day-old infant was brought to their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with signs of drowsiness and an unwillingness to eat. After conducting a comprehensive examination, the team diagnosed the child with a massive blood clot in the brain.

This diagnosis was especially distressing since a blood clot in the brain stem can be life-threatening. Despite the challenges, Dr. L.S. Harishchandra, a specialist in pediatric, epilepsy, and movement disorder surgery, and his team embarked on a challenging surgical procedure. The two-step procedure took five hours, but with their expertise and cutting-edge technology, the medical team was able to save the infant’s life.

Dr. Harishchandra commended the Neonatal team for their excellent care during the baby’s postoperative period, which was critical to the infant’s speedy recovery. The case is rare, with only a few hundred similar cases reported worldwide. Nonetheless, MGM Healthcare’s proficient medical team accomplished what seemed impossible by combining their skills and knowledge to deliver a happy ending.

This remarkable tale of medical expertise and technology triumphing over an impossible situation shows MGM Healthcare’s commitment to delivering the best patient care possible. It is a reminder that medical advancements and experienced medical professionals can make a difference in people’s lives and bring hope to those who need it most.