Emergency Medical Response Service Provider Medulance Healthcare has launched a 5G- Smart connected ambulance in association with Reliance Jio, the country’s biggest telecom operator. The vehicle is equipped with cameras and smart devices that allow real-time, two-way audio and video communication, high-definition footage transmission, ambulance location tracking, and real-time streaming of patient health data to a distant doctor over the high-speed 5G network.  This helps in alerting the nearest hospital and staff to better manage the patient on arrival and save critical time. Medulance Healthcare ambulance connected with high speed 5 G aims to revolutionize the landscape of emergency healthcare in rural India by connecting an ambulance to a hospital, almost anywhere in the country.

Commenting on the launch, Ravjot Arora, Co-Founder, Medulance Healthcare, said: “In this ever-changing technological landscape, the healthcare industry needs to stay adaptable to fully leverage the wave of 5G. By integrating 5G with other leading technologies, we can radically transform traditional patient care. Real-time data relay and monitoring can be lifesaving in medical emergency cases. The 5G promises to provide essential levels of connectivity to enable a new health ecosystem, which not only meets the needs of the provider and the patient, but also makes the healthcare network more accurate, efficient, convenient, cost-effective and sustainable. This partnership with Jio is a step towards achieving the same.”

The 5G ambulance by Medulance allows real-time transmission of patient’s vitals and other health data from the vehicle directly to the hospital, from where doctors can instruct the paramedic staff through a seamless digital connection. With this, the patient can be administered treatment even during the commute to the hospital, within the critical ‘golden hour’ when prompt medical attention can save someone’s life, especially in medical emergencies like heart attack, brain stroke, or accidents and trauma. The ambulance also promises to be a boon to patients in rural and remote areas located far away from healthcare facilities.

Added, Pranav Bajaj, Co-Founder, Medulance Healthcare: “Medulance has always been focused on integrating technology with emergency response services to relay patient data without any delay. Greater speed, ultra-low latency, and higher bandwidth of the 5G network makes real-time clinical assessment possible. With the launch of 5G service with Jio, we will be able to implement this capability across the country. Our vision is to transform the entire Medulance fleet of more than 7,500 ambulances nationwide into smart ambulances by leveraging Jio’s 5G network.”

Medulance is India’s first, Integrated Emergency Response provider with a fleet of 7,500+ ambulances for fast and reliable first-point medical attention, spread across 60+ cities in the country. It offers prompt, reliable and efficient ambulance services that can be as convenient as finding a taxi. Driven by patient centricity and technology, Medulance aims at minimizing medical emergencies through its fleet of 7,500+  ambulances and skilled response in accordance with international standards.

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