In recognition of the 75th World Health Day, MediBuddy, India’s foremost digital healthcare platform, introduces its pioneering #HealthForAll campaign. The campaign stresses the significance of personal health and the need to utilize digital healthcare solutions for routine consultations and well-being management.

The #HealthForAll initiative illustrates the remarkable transformation of healthcare services in India, from the days of inconvenient and time-consuming appointments to the current era of digital healthcare platforms. MediBuddy’s campaign highlights how digital solutions have revolutionized patient experiences by making doctor consultations easily accessible from home.

Mr. Saibal Biswas, Head of Marketing, Partnerships, and PR at MediBuddy, underscored the importance of quality healthcare as a fundamental human right for everyone. In line with the World Health Organization’s theme, the #HealthForAll campaign seeks to create awareness about the necessity of accessible healthcare solutions for the entire population. MediBuddy aims to showcase the power of technology in reshaping healthcare and reaching out to a billion Indians.

To promote a proactive approach to health, MediBuddy is offering exclusive discounts on doctor consultations and health check-ups throughout April. This initiative enables individuals and families to actively monitor their health and effectively manage their well-being. The campaign’s captivating video, produced by MediBuddy’s in-house creative team, is being showcased across social media platforms from April 5, 2023. To discover more about the campaign and its offerings, visit: