Healthcare Analytics Partnership - Kyvos and Merative

Kyvos Insights, the next-gen cloud analytics acceleration platform, today announced its strategic OEM partnership with Merative, a leading data, analytics and software technology partner for health and social care organizations. The partnership intends to deliver a modernized analytics architecture to healthcare service providers that will transform healthcare analytics with deeper and faster insights, while handling extremely complex business logic against sensitive data.

Kyvos’ cloud-native analytical acceleration platform and universal semantic layer deliver multidimensional and unified analytics, along with the ability to drill down into granular details. With Kyvos, Merative aims to accomplish a complete modernization of its Health Insights product, with unlimited scalability and unmatched speed. Kyvos allows instant analytics on any scale, which will help Merative run complex queries on high data volumes for its customers and keep cloud costs under control.

“We are elated to forge a partnership with Merative to revolutionize BI and analytics with our innovations,” said Rajesh Murthy, COO, Kyvos Insights. “We are eager to transform healthcare analytics with our AI-based Smart Aggregation technology and state-of-the-art visualization capability on any cloud data warehouse.”

“Health Insights users are looking to solve complex healthcare program challenges to make sure their employees and members are getting the best quality care at a cost-effective price. Our mission is to deliver accurate, timely insights so they can address healthcare quality, delivery and costs more effectively,” said Casey Graves, General Manager, Health Insights. “Kyvos is the right partner to help us meet our goals. They stood out for their ability to deliver a high-performance and scalable analytical query engine – an essential requirement in healthcare analytics – and a unified semantic layer to make our insights reliable and consistent. We see Kyvos as an essential partner to help us meet customer needs.