Koning Health breast CT technology in use

Koning Health, a pioneering medical imaging company, is thrilled to announce that it has received regulatory clearance from the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), marking a significant milestone in the company’s expansion and its commitment to global health innovation.

The clearance process was a testament to perseverance and strategic international cooperation. Maher Bannourah, Director of Koning International, led the initiative by leveraging his industry experience with Ministry of Health (MOH) representatives.

This regulatory approval positions Koning as the first company to introduce breast CT technology in the UAE, setting a new standard in breast imaging and care in the region.

The inaugural installation of the Vera Complete, Koning’s flagship breast CT system, is scheduled at a premier hospital site in the UAE as soon as April of this year. Introducing a no compression, high resolution breast imaging technology to the women of the UAE illustrates the commitment to provide women the highest level of medical technology available today. This installation is not only a milestone for Koning but also serves as a cornerstone for the company’s expansion throughout the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. The project is expected to significantly boost sales and enhance access to innovative breast imaging solutions across the region.

“Koning is honored to be accepted as the only approved breast CT in the UAE. With this regulatory clearance, the Ministry of Health has demonstrated its concern for the health of their female population and its consistent drive to provide the highest level of technology for the healthcare system,” says David Georges, President of Koning. “It is the intent of the Koning Corporation to assist the Ministry in reaching new levels of early-stage breast cancer detection across their population when cure rates obtain the highest possible cure rate.”

This clearance is just the start for Koning, which remains dedicated to its mission of revolutionizing medical imaging. The company is excited to embark on this new chapter of growth and innovation in the UAE and beyond.