Today, Eyesafe, a global leader in blue light mitigation and healthy screen time solutions, announced the world’s strongest blue light filtration technology for screen accessories. Eyesafe technology provides a unique capability of blue light filtration while balancing color and luminance performance. With the introduction of Eyesafe RPF60, users can now experience the highest level of blue light protection for aftermarket accessories.

Eyesafe RPF60 combines unique light management materials covered by an extensive patent portfolio. With selective blue light filtration at 435-440 nanometers, Eyesafe technology removes the portion of light which poses the greatest risk to retinal health.1

Eyesafe RPF60 patented technology filters 60% of blue light at the wavelengths that matter most (435-440nm) and preserves beautiful color. Many competitors fall short on one of these aspects – blue light reduction or color performance. Several brands filter blue light broadly across the color spectrum, neglecting to focus on the wavelengths that are of primary concern to our eyes. Additionally, other solutions often cut the blue peak without rebalancing color, which leads to a significant yellow-tint and affects user experience.

“Eyesafe is proud to introduce the world’s leading blue light filtration technology,” said Justin Barrett, Eyesafe CEO. “Eyesafe RPF60 technology prioritizes blue light protection where it’s most needed, while providing uncompromised color and display performance. We understand that today’s digital landscape demands a delicate balance between protection and performance, and we refuse to compromise on either.”

“Our goal,” Barrett continued, “was not just to reduce blue light. We wanted to ensure that users can have it all: the brilliant colors, the crisp clarity, and the peace of mind that they are protected from blue light.”

“We dedicated significant time and effort to create Eyesafe RPF60, harnessing the power of our innovative light absorption technology,” shared Derek Harris, the Vice President of Research and Development at Eyesafe.

“Our team,” he continued, “relied on health research and input from the medical community, while adhering to the most stringent industry standards. We embraced these foundations not as limits, but as springboards to enhance our technology and deliver the highest level of blue light filtration.”

As the world leader in screen protection and the exclusive retail partner of Eyesafe, ZAGG has seamlessly integrated Eyesafe RPF60 technology into its most advanced screen protector, Glass XTR3. Not only is Glass XTR3 ten times stronger than conventional glass screen protectors, it also effectively filters 60% of blue light in the 435-440 nm range. Look for ZAGG Glass XTR3 screen protector with Eyesafe RPF60 technology at retail locations, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Best Buy, as well as on

“The introduction of Eyesafe RPF60 technology represents an important advancement in blue light filtration,” stated Dr. David Friess, chair of the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board. His observation underscores the critical importance of blue light reduction in the wake of our screen-centric lifestyles. Dr. Friess elaborated, “The implications of excessive screen time and blue light exposure could potentially pose both short-term and long-term health risks. Short-term effects, such as disrupted sleep patterns, are well-documented, but the long-term implications are only beginning to emerge.”

In this era of digital ubiquity, the arrival of Eyesafe RPF60 technology represents an important technological advancement. Read the full press release here.