"Epoch Vincent House - Assisted Living and Dementia Care Services in India"

Epoch Elder Care, known for its profound commitment to assisted living and dementia care services, is about to extend its wings further with the inauguration of its fourth facility, Epoch Vincent House, situated in Gurugram, Haryana. The new center is a testament to Epoch’s approach to caregiving, which rests on the three pillars – evidence, experience, and expertise.

Being acutely aware of the chronic health issues that senior citizens often battle, Epoch Vincent House is equipped to provide diverse care services. From basic nursing care to specialized care for chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke recovery, and palliative care, the facility covers a wide spectrum of senior healthcare needs. This aligns with the increasing global demand for quality elder care, especially with the UN projecting that the population aged 65 or over will reach nearly 1.5 billion by 2050.

The team at Epoch Elder Care understands the complexity of conditions like dementia. As stated by Neha Sinha, Co-founder & CEO, Epoch Elder Care, professional help is crucial in dealing with such conditions, focusing on preserving the quality of life of the elderly. This unique approach aims to create a personalized care plan for every resident, ensuring their overall well-being.

The well-planned infrastructure of Epoch Vincent House, with a capacity to care for 18 residents, is designed to ensure a home-like environment, highlighting Epoch’s commitment to the comfort and satisfaction of its residents. The organization has over a decade’s experience in the industry, and this new facility is a significant step towards becoming a global leader in assisted living and dementia care services.

For further information about Epoch Elder Care and the various services they provide, kindly visit www.epocheldercare.com.