Empower Pharma Expands Operations with East Windsor Facility

Empower Clinic Services New Jersey LLC DBA Empower Pharma today announced an agreement to purchase a facility in East Windsor, New Jersey from Eugia US Manufacturing LLC (wholly owned subsidiary of Aurobindo Pharma Ltd) and enter into a contract manufacturing relationship. In addition to the Houston facility, the site will serve as the second FDA-registered pharmaceutical manufacturing site of Empower Pharma for future contract development and sterile medication manufacturing business throughout the United States and internationally.

The companies anticipate completing the transaction in the coming months, subject to the satisfaction of closing conditions. Upon closing, Empower Pharma will acquire the 170,000-square-foot site’s operations and assets, which includes the facility’s workforce. Empower Pharma is expected to use the facility, with its bulk manufacturing and automated fill-finish production capabilities, to expand its 503A, 503B, and contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) operations for the pharmaceutical industry. Empower Pharma will also be able to provide testing services in support of clinical trials. The facility will be capable of producing 50 million vials, or $1.5B in revenue per year, supporting a significant portion of the 503A and 503B industry.

“We are confident that Empower will fully leverage the facility, its capabilities and its experienced workforce to play a vital role for patients in the future,” said – Yugandhar Puvvala, Global CEO – Eugia Pharma Specialties Limited. “We believe this decision will allow us to more fully deliver on our mission of providing innovative medicines for patients around the world.”

“This state-of-the-art facility will enable us to bring the highest levels of capacity and supply chain resilience to both our 503A and 503B business lines, while supporting our new partnership with Eugia Pharma and the growing demand of outsourced medicine for thousands of pharmacies throughout the country,” said Shaun Noorian, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Empower. “We anticipate welcoming the talented team in East Windsor to Empower shortly, and we intend to use these capabilities to support our strategic growth objectives.”

The site will continue to operate as Eugia US Manufacturing LLC until the closing of the transaction.