Auria Breast Cancer Screening Partnership Announcement

As breast cancer awareness month comes to a close, the fight for awareness and early-stage detection continues. The impact of Auria, the first at-home biological breast cancer screening test powered by tears, is growing through partnerships with Evexia Diagnostics and Healthyr by closing the gap in screening through biological testing.

Evexia Diagnostics provides cutting-edge, clinical, laboratory services to thousands of Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine clinicians. The services they offer provide a one-stop-shop solution to address and resolve common and critical pain points. Evexia clients can now offer Auria in their practices. 

Healthyr provides the connection between traditional and non-traditional healthcare by providing holistic, affordable, accessible, and customizable care based on individual needs while driving cost savings and positive health outcomes. Healthyr’s clients range from employers, health plans, accountable care organizations, as well as the health and wellness industry. The addition of Auria to the Healthyr offering will empower more women to take charge of their health through a single platform.

“Thanks to our new partnerships we will be able to offer Auria in thousands of new places and help close the breast cancer gap in care. Our strategic partnership with Evexia allows us to get in front of cutting-edge medical practitioners. Partnering with Healthyr allows Auria to be part of their one-stop digital health solution and play a role in implementing value-based care. Our goal is to increase early-stage breast cancer detection, reduce cancer spend, and improve breast health outcomes for all women,” said Omid Moghadam, Founder and CEO of Namida.