"Nerivio REN wearable device for migraine treatment"

Theranica, a neuromodulation therapeutics company, today announced Health First Colorado – Colorado Medicaid‘s coverage of the Nerivio® REN wearable, the FDA-cleared, non-drug, non-disruptive treatment for both acute attacks and prevention of migraine with or without aura in adolescents and adults ages 12 and older. This coverage expands access to 1.7 million members, offering an alternative or supplemental treatment to prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Migraine disease is complex and non-curable, affecting 14% of the population, including 100 million adolescents. The majority of prescription medications for treating and preventing migraine are not indicated for adolescents. The Nerivio REN wearable triggers the brain’s natural power to address migraine pain and associated symptoms without drugs or disruption, providing a safe, drug-free, and non-disruptive option for underserved patient populations. 

Research has shown that early therapeutic intervention may halt or limit migraine progression and disability. There is evidence suggesting that many adults with chronic or refractory migraine developed their migraine as children or adolescents and may not have been treated with adequate therapies in their adolescent years.

“Controlling migraine in general, and especially in adolescents before they transition into adulthood is important to prevent long-term negative consequences and chronification,” said Dr. Marius Birlea, a neurologist at the University of Colorado Hospital. “Colorado Medicaid’s coverage of the REN wearable addresses a pressing need to change the standard of care for migraine and add a treatment option without drugs. This need is even more critical when considering adolescents who live with migraine, where we have to be twice as careful before putting them on a drug.”

Colorado Medicaid serves approximately 25% of Coloradans and this decision continues to build a foundation for commercial insurance providers and other federally-funded programs to follow. Earlier this year, Highmark Inc., Blue Cross Blue Shield North Dakota, and DC Medicaid announced coverage for the Nerivio REN wearable, leading the effort to provide effective, drug-free migraine treatments to their members.

“Colorado Medicaid’s decision to cover the Nerivio REN wearable demonstrates their commitment to the well-being of its members, especially the younger ones,” said Alon Ironi, CEO of Theranica. “Migraine treatment options for the adolescent age group across the U.S. are limited, leaving many patients with an urgent unmet need to cope with this debilitating neurological disorder. We are thrilled that more Americans, and first and foremost adolescents, will now have access to the REN wearable as a treatment option. We look forward to having the other health insurance organizations in Colorado match this important benefit and update their coverage policies accordingly.”

Migraine is the second most common reason for missing work and school in the U.S. In adolescents, the impact of migraine disease can result in severe and consequential gaps in learning, inability to participate socially and contribute to mental health issues.

Dr. Birlea added, “Certain migraine medications, including some that are indicated for adolescents, have systemic side effects. When payers acknowledge and cover migraine treatments that have less side effects that are non-systemic, patients will benefit for the long-term.”

Payers can also benefit when their members include a REN wearable as part of their migraine treatment plan. According to a health-economics study, payors may save significant amounts of money by covering the REN wearable to prevent migraine, through a drastic reduction of days of acute migraine medication intake.

For more information about the Nerivio REN wearable and to download a prescription form, please visit Nerivio.com.