With cervical cancer affecting over 1.23 lakh women in India each year and causing approximately 77,000 deaths, the need for increased awareness about this preventable disease and its available screening tools is more important than ever.

The #BeYourOwnShero campaign by Roche Diagnostics India, championed by the inspiring actress Vidya Balan, is a groundbreaking movement that combines social and digital channels, influencer connections, medical expert partnerships, and on-site activities to raise awareness about cervical cancer. The initiative aims to debunk myths about vaccination and screening and to emphasize the vital role of the HPV test.

In addition to releasing four Hero films across multiple digital platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, the campaign offers a dedicated online resource hub at cervicalcancer-prevention.com for women seeking further information on HPV screening. Roche Diagnostics India has also joined forces with the Cancer Awareness, Prevention, and Early Detection Trust (CAPED) to target working women in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore for HPV screening awareness.

The WHO is committed to eradicating cervical cancer by 2030, focusing on vaccination, screening, and treatment strategies. It advises women aged 30-65 to undergo high-performance HPV DNA testing, repeated every 5-10 years. The #BeYourOwnShero initiative aspires to inspire women to take charge of their health, fostering essential systemic and behavioral changes in healthcare outcomes.