Care4Parents, India’s most trusted eldercare services platform has recently launched Eazyhealth app for the age group between 30-50 years with the motive to provide at-home services for working adults who struggle to keep their health in-check. The idea is when so many products and services can be ordered at the click of a button and delivered at one’s convenience at the doorstep, why not good health?

The motive behind the launch is to provide all healthcare services at one point while enabling medical history on the digital platform, real-time access to family members, access to a General physician 24*7. It enables users to link their wearable bands, medical devices, and healthcare apps with EazyHealth app through ‘Link Devices’ feature in order to have all health data in one place. The doctor gets access to all physical activity and sleep data of users which helps in regular monitoring.

On the launch of app, Shuchita Gupta, Co-founder of Care4Parents said,”Seeing someone in agony and suffering is something many of us would rather avoid. How many individuals throughout the world are concerned about who will look after their loved ones if something goes wrong? We wanted to do something to aid this cause. We take away all the complexities/ headaches associated with healthcare (doctor appointments, nurses, physiotherapy, lab tests, etc.) by enabling them through technology and at-home services. We offer the convenience of time and space to our customers in their busy lives, so that they can approach their good health without hassle and constraints.”

Eazyhealth also digitises lab reports and prescriptions so that they can be accessed anywhere within the country or outside. Lab reports from two or more different labs can be compared, thus providing easy analysis of various parameters covered in the lab tests. Alongside, 24*7 Access to Emergency Support (Request an Ambulance in 500+ cities or Talk to Doctor)

Easyhealth is available on both iPhone and Android for free. It also offers some standard packages suitable for one and all. Any specific healthcare requirement is also catered to if requested by any individual. It is currently serving customers in 89 cities across India.

About Care4Parents:
Care4Parents is one of its kind Eldercare services. It enables children to care for their parents and elders remotely. From booking appointments to checking the reports, Care4Parents enables children to access vital information and take all steps to enable their parents to lead healthier life.

Care4parents (c4p)aims to provide primary healthcare to elders who are alone with the help of technology and at-home services.  It is an on-going process and the Customers need not be ill or suffering from any condition to join us. This way we help in ongoing monitoring of the health status, prevent complications , help in early diagnosis of life threatening diseases and also reduce instances of sudden hospitalisations. care4parents provides for regular recording and analysis of Vital Parameters, which includes Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, SpO2, steps, sleep etc. All the readings are available on the digital platform (actual readings along with the graph, making it easy to compare month on month). This, in turn, results in decreasing the mental pressure on the kid’s mind regarding the elderly parents’ health.