Black & White Ginger Ale and Virtue India are making waves in the world of diversity and inclusivity with their latest campaign, “Table for Everyone”. The platform is a departure from traditional campaigns, offering a space for individuals to share their stories and perspectives to help break down biases and promote a more inclusive world.

At the center of the campaign is the game “Cards for Sharing”, a pack of 42 cards designed to encourage meaningful conversations and foster empathy. The questions on each card are curated by journalists and culture predictors within the Vice Media Group and range from light-hearted conversation starters to deeper thought-provoking questions. Each card features a unique illustration that challenges traditional codes of gender, expression, identity, and more, making the game inclusive and thought-provoking.

Shweta Jain, Chief Business Development Officer, Luxury, Reserve & Craft – India & South Asia at Diageo, said, “We believe that the stories we share bring us closer to each other and that’s why we created ‘Cards for Sharing’. It’s a simple card game that triggers conversations and allows individuals to bring out their authentic selves.”

According to Kartick Krishnamurthy, Business Director, Virtue India, “Our goal at Virtue is to connect brands to culture through participation and contribution. The ‘Table for Everyone’ campaign does just that, helping Black & White Ginger Ale build a deeper connection with its audience and promote a more inclusive world.”