Neuro-Urological Surgery in Kerala

Aster Medcity, a significant healthcare organization under the umbrella of Aster DM healthcare, has achieved a milestone in medical innovation by performing a groundbreaking surgery. This first-of-its-kind procedure in Kerala, involving a collaboration between the neurosurgery and urology departments, aimed to treat overactive bladder syndrome.

This syndrome, affecting a significant population worldwide, is typically managed through lifestyle changes and medication. However, for Hariharan, a 34-year-old patient, standard treatments were ineffective. To restore his normal life, a unique approach was proposed – Sacral Neuromodulation Surgery.

This revolutionary procedure involved implanting the InterStim device to modulate the sacral nerves responsible for bladder functions. It underscores Aster Medcity’s dedication to leveraging advanced techniques and fostering collaboration among departments to improve patient outcomes. The successful outcome of this surgery stands as a beacon of hope for others suffering from overactive bladder syndrome.