Aspen VRTX System

Aspen Medical Products (Aspen), the industry leader in spine solutions for pain and mobility management, has launched the VRTX System – the first fully integrated spinal support system on the market for post-operative and trauma care.

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, millions of spine-related injuries occur annually in the United States. Patients with traumatic, multi-level spinal injuries typically require a custom Cervical Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (CTLSO) that stabilizes the spine before or after surgery. These patients may wait for up to three days to receive their CTLSO after being measured and fit, increasing the risk for deep vein thrombosis, bed sores, respiratory issues and other complications.

The VRTX System is the first-ever cervical to sacrum system designed to redefine spinal care in acute care settings. The prefabricated design with intuitive adjustable sizing helps clinicians to fit patients and stabilize the spine immediately. This off-the-shelf solution can help to reduce length of stay and risk of complications, while optimizing operational efficiencies in hospitals by enhancing time and inventory management.

“Aspen is once again leading innovation and clinical solutions with the VRTX System,” said Jim Cloar, Aspen’s Chief Executive Officer. “We understand the need for an improved patient and clinician experience, and we designed the VRTX System to bring value to the healthcare system as a whole. Our resulting goal was to create a family of products that all interact with one another, simplify the fitting process through intuitive design and ensure ease of use at home. We are proud to bring the first total spine solution to market.”

A pioneer in advancing spine care, the VRTX System is built on a foundation of outcomes and innovation. The modular, low-profile design comfortably supports a diverse range of patient anatomies and improves patient outcomes by helping them to get ambulatory faster. An integrated QR code scans to patient instructions so proper application directions are always on hand, helping to ensure compliance.

Comprised of a prefabricated CTO, TLSO, LSO and CTLSO, each component in the VRTX System provides optimal motion restriction and can be stepped down or stepped up depending on patient need. This modular solution allows for standardization of products and services in the hospital to maximize staff efficiencies and patient care.

Building upon the success of the Vista Cervical Collar, Aspen has incorporated enhanced features into the new VRTX Collar. A symmetrical back panel ensures precise and consistent application every time, and clinicians now have the convenience of writing directly on the collar’s surface to mark pad replacement time. Additionally, more finite height adjustments fit a wider range of patients, and the VRTX Collar can be adjusted to a lower setting.

“From day one, Aspen has been committed to understanding the intricate needs and challenges of both patients and healthcare providers. Years of patient and clinician feedback as well as industry insights have been our guiding forces while creating the VRTX System. This innovation is more than just a product; it’s a testament to our dedication to improve the healthcare landscape and ultimately enhance the well-being of all those we serve,” said Albert Romo, Aspen’s Director of Research and Development.

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