A conceptual image of a green earth with the healthcare symbol signifying Apollo Hospitals’ sustainability efforts.

Apollo Hospitals, a world-renowned healthcare provider, has taken a giant leap in climate action by teaming up with Smart Joules. This collaboration, spread over ten years and across 18 hospitals, is aimed at dramatically cutting down carbon emissions by 2,90,000 tons.

The partnership employs Smart Joules’ cutting-edge JoulePAYS solution to bolster energy efficiency in heating, cooling, ventilation, and automation. JoulePAYS, a pay-as-you-save model, allows establishments to retrofit existing buildings for energy conservation without initial investment.

India is at the forefront of global climate action, with a pledge to reach net-zero emissions by 2070. This ambitious target has ignited a wave of innovations and strategies, such as JoulePAYS, to decrease energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Apollo Hospitals has been proactive, and within just four months of integrating JoulePAYS, they have implemented 235 energy conservation measures. These measures are expected to yield a saving of over 235 million kWh and INR 2 billion by 2030.

Dr. K Hariprasad, President of Apollo Hospitals, expressed enthusiasm about the initiative’s ability to strike a balance between exceptional healthcare services and reducing environmental impact.

Apollo Hospitals’ collaboration with Smart Joules is a clarion call to the healthcare industry to take vigorous steps in combating climate change through energy efficiency and sustainability.