Researchers in a laboratory analyzing data on a computer screen

The9 Limited (Nasdaq: NCTY) (“The9”), an established Internet company, today announced that its investee WM Therapeutics Co., Ltd. (未名脑脑) (“WM Therapeutics”) has achieved revolutionary breakthroughs in the proprietarily developed research and development of antidepressant drug precision treatment. WM Therapeutics’ GenAI multi-dimensional omics drug clinical research technology has made significant progress in new clinical trial, bringing new hope to depression patients.

WM Therapeutics, a world-leading precision brain disease medical company based on GenAI and multi-dimensional omics biomarker technology, today announced its latest clinical trial results. This breakthrough research has made significant progress in depression drug research using multi-dimensional and multi-omics AI digital biomarkers. In a recently completed clinical trial, the platform successfully identified effective subtype in drug treatment of depression with a p-value of 0.004, which is significant in statistics. This indicated a profound understanding of depression patients and an innovation in future treatment options.

Over the past decade, there has been little progress in drug development for depression, leaving tens of thousands of patients suffering from this disease. WM Therapeutics’ new technology not only indicated the birth of a new generation of precision antidepressant treatments, but also marked a major improvement over current treatments.

“This achievement not only demonstrates the capabilities of our powerful GenAI platform, but also brings new hope to patients with depression around the world. We are committed to extend the boundaries of science and technology to help patients suffering from the disease with scientific innovation,” said Ms. Yan Gao, Founder and CEO of WM Therapeutics. Currently, the number of patients with depression worldwide is estimated to be approximately 3.8% of the population. This means approximately 280 million people worldwide are affected by depression. 5% of adults have depression problem. With the announcement of this result, WM Therapeutics hopes to accelerate the commercialization process of its antidepressant drug precision treatment and provide more effective treatment options for the global market.