Lord’s Mark Industries, a prominent and versatile business group, is leading the charge towards a cleaner and healthier India with the introduction of The Hygiene India platform. This platform, striving to become the nation’s premier health and hygiene product brand, offers comprehensive hygiene solutions for home, health, personal, and environmental cleanliness.

In an effort to mobilize a united front for change, Lord’s Mark Industries has initiated the #THIMovement campaign. This campaign focuses on establishing a Hygiene Enthusiasts Community (THI Community), a collective of individuals, organizations, and businesses who are committed to cultivating a holistic hygiene culture. By offering resources and support, the THI Community empowers members to make a positive impact on hygiene and cleanliness within their respective communities.

The #THIMovement campaign has already gained significant traction, thanks to the support of social media influencers who have helped it reach an impressive 1.2 million people. The campaign’s tagline, Hygiene se Samjhota Nahi Karega India, powerfully conveys the importance of embracing comprehensive hygiene practices.

Naitik Vyas, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of The Hygiene India, emphasizes the critical role of holistic hygiene and encourages everyone to join the campaign. Vyas remarked, “Exactly 3 years ago, we were all facing the first lockdown and realized how important it is to take care of holistic hygiene. It is not just about you, but about us and the community as a whole.” The Hygiene India platform, under the Lord’s Mark Industries umbrella, features a wide array of affordable, high-quality products from brands such as MarkoSafeTM, SafeSehatTM, OceanDropTM, and SafeLiteTM. With the #THIMovement campaign and The Hygiene India platform, Lord’s Mark Industries is committed to ushering in a new era of hygiene consciousness, ensuring that accessible and affordable solutions are available to every Indian.